David Kung

University of La Verne

David S. Kung, Ph.D., MBA, is currently a business professor and is engaged in business and government consulting global-wise. Besides teaching at University of La Verne, Professor Kung has taught, as adjunct, in multiple universities including University of California at Los Angeles and Riverside, Drucker School of Management, and University of Texas at Austin. Professor Kung is experienced in and conducts research in the areas of International Management and Trade, Large Projects, Community Development, Environmental and Energy Policy, Education Policy, Supply Chains Management, and Information Technology with numerous publications and seminar presentations over decades. Prior to joining academic institution, Professor Kung served in various senior management positions in Fortune500-sized corporations in the public utility, international banking, healthcare, and consulting industries. Professor Kung received his Ph.D.(1980) and MBA(1977) from the University of Texas, Austin and B.Sc. from the University of Delaware(1974).

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