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Monterey, California

Brent Bloechle

Library Manager
Plano Public Library System

Brent Bloechle is the branch manager of the Maribelle M. Davis Library and has worked at the Plano Public Library System in Texas for the past decade. Prior to his tenure with the City of Plano, he served as an academic librarian in the Cox School of Business Information Center at Southern Methodist University and as a market researcher for the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Before earning his MLIS from Texas Woman’s University, he worked in a variety of management positions with both Barnes & Noble and B. Dalton Booksellers. His current responsibilities include system-wide library technology implementation and managing the library system’s social media presence. Plano’s library system currently has 172 staff members and 67 of them are actively supporting their social media activities.

Internet Librarian 2013

Monday October 28, 2013

2:15 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

C104: Engaging With Social Media


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