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Monday, October 21, 2019

The Soul of a Library: Internet Games, Museums, & Creating Action in Global Communities
Super Searcher Secrets!
Mary Ellen Bates - A101_Bates.pdf
Smart Search: The New Frontier
Greg Notess - A102_Notess.pptx
Developing a Discovery Layer Using Apps & Open Source
Nicole Carpenter - A103_Carpenter.pptx
Jarrod Wilson - A103_Wilson.pdf
Services, Tools, & Techniques for Discovery
Gary Price - Gary-Price
Getting Smart About Search
Marydee Ojala - A105_Ojala.pptx
Website Redesign: Ins & Outs
UX Symbiosis: Students & Library User Experience Work
Jessica Waggoner - B102_Waggoner.pdf
Digital Detox: Health of Our Online Communities
UX: Menus, Navigational Schema, & Authentication
Aaron Bowen - B104_Bowen.pptx
Website Design Winners & Losers
Brian Pichman - B105_Pichman.pptx
Beyond Stories to Engagement, Influence, & Support
Civic Tech
Libraries & Positive Change: Traffic & Digital Media
Eddy Hamelin - C103_Hamelin.pptx
Parrington-Wright & LaRosee - C103_Parrington-Wright(1).pptx
Engaging a Campus to Solve a Problem!
Measuring Impact of Community Engagement & Partnerships
Yale & Halter - C105_Yale.pdf
AI 101
Onboarding AI & Machine Learning
Brian Pichman - D102_Pichman.pdf
Robots & Libraries
AI Bot for All Library Platforms & Devices
From Robot-Proof to Future-Proof
Amy Affelt - D105_Affelt.pptx
Bull$h!+ Skills: Tools for Fighting False/Fake News
School Literacy Outreach: Connecting Through Reading
3D Design in Education
Kimberly Moore - 3D Design in Education
Open Education Resources
Julie Erickson - Open Education Resources
Tools You’ve Never Heard Of!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

AI & Our Future World
Becoming Privacy Experts!
Jones, Price, Pintos & Schramm - A201_Jones.pdf
Jones, Price, Pintos & Schramm - A201_Jones(1).pdf
Susan Bailey Schramm - A201_Schramm.pdf
Becoming Privacy Experts! (continued)
Design Thinking for Libraries: Concepts & Techniques
Data Lab for Your Library
Amy Affelt - A204_Affelt.xls
Amy Affelt - A204_Affelt(1).xls
Amy Affelt - A204_Affelt.pptx
Greg Notess - A204_Notess.pptx
Data Lab for Your Library (continued)
Our Immersive Future: Spatial Computing & Mixed Reality
Mairn & Haber - B201_Mairn.pptx
Digital Helping Hands & Virtual Open Houses
Steve Alcalde - Digital Helping Hands
Eystad, Alcalde & Stekel - B202_Eystad.pdf
Eystad, Alcalde & Stekel - B202_Eystad.pptx
Enabling Engaging, Interactive Learning Experiences
Chase Masters - B203_Masters.pptx
New Tech for Readers With Physical Disabilities
New Tech for Readers With Physical Disabilities (continued)
Strege, Schwartz & Forrest - B205_Strege.pptx
Strege, Schwartz & Forrest - B205_Strege(1).pptx
Ian Forrest - B205_Forrest.pdf
New Tools for Creating Virtual Libraries
Shared Customer Service Platform
Aiello & Melton - C202_Aiello.pptx
AI, Insight, & Info Pros
Mary Ellen Bates - C203_Bates.pdf
Krista Ford - C203_Ford.pptx
Lucrea Dayrit - C203_Dayrit.pptx
One Collaboration Effort = Much Enthusiasm
Renee Gorrell - C204_Gorrell(1).pptx
Renee Gorrell - C204_Gorrell(2).pptx
The Library of Things: Infodesk of the Future?
Dillon & West - C205_Dillon.pdf
Tech: Changing the Face of Libraries
Susan Bailey Schramm - D201_Schramm.pdf
Building Smart Communities Statewide
Inspiring Lifelong Learning With Makerspace
Growing Pains in Academic Makerspace
Tara Radniecki - D204_Radniecki(2).pdf
Digital Design for Everyone!
Abraham & Paul - D205_Abraham.pptx
Sustainability and Information Literacy: Exploring News Bias, Social Equity, and Environmental Justice Using a Case Study Approach
Sharon Radcliff - Radcliff_Presentation
Media & Information Literacy Outside of the Classroom
Mark Roquet - Presentation
Using Augmented Reality & Project-Based Learning
Bosch, Givens & Bosch - E203_Bosch.pptx
STEM, Robots, & Technology Integration
Can Facebook Steal My Stuff?
Wizards, Prophets & Our Future!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Smart Community Engagement & Enablement
Align the Library’s Community Outreach With Strategic Priorities
Quality Service Metrics
Shawn Fry - A302_Fry.key
Smarter Decisions With Visualization
David Christensen - A303_Christensen.pptx
New Metrics, Added Value!
Patrick Randall - A304_Randall.pptx
Richard P. Hulser - A304_Hulser.pdf
Lasda, Levine, Hulser & Randall - A304_Lasda.pptx
Innovation on Demand: Designing Future-Proof Libraries
Outcome-Driven Innovation: Taking Theory Out
Rebecca Jones - B302_Jones.pdf
Jones & Werle - B302_Jones.pptx
Werle & Jones - B302_Werle(1).pdf
Unique Ways to Promote Programs
Jarrell Pulliam - B303_Pulliam.pptx
Catalysts/Energy Engines for User Engagement
Library Industry Technology Update
Meeting Customers Where They Are
Effectiveness of Library Systems
Digital Asset Management
Learning From Leaders
Change Literacy
M Ryan Hess - D302_Hess.pptx
Restructuring & Building Partnerships
Rojas & Burton - D303_Rojas.pptx
Edward Iglesias - D303_Iglesias.pptx
Edward Iglesias - D303_Iglesias.pdf
Library Sharing Economy & Preventing Burnout
Myers, MacCartney & Weiss - D304_Myers.pdf
Lifelong Learning: Skills Expansion!
Storytelling: Powerful & for Knowledge Transfer
Lucrea Dayrit - E302_Dayrit.pptx
Sara Bond - E302_Bond.pdf
Data Curation & Opportunities
Matt Benzing - E303_Benzing.pdf
Opening the Black Box: How Students Search
Libraries’ Biggest Challenges & Solutions for the Future
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