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Conference Program

Information Today Inc., a key provider of technology conferences for more than 40 years, is pleased to announce the 27th annual Internet Librarian—the only conference for information professionals who are using, developing, and embracing internet- and web-based strategies in their roles as information architects and navigators; digital managers, developers, and integrators; content evaluators and curators; taxonomists; searchers; community builders, managers, and partners; information providers, trainers, and guides; and more. Designed to meet the needs of librarians, information managers, systems professionals, researchers, content managers, curators and information specialists, the wide-ranging program caters to all interests and all levels of knowledge with four simultaneous tracks, plus many workshop and networking opportunities.

Community Impact: Connecting People & Evolving Tech

What will our world be like when almost everyone can use AI to be an “artist,” a “coder,” or a “journalist”? And what about those people on the other side of the ever-widening digital divide? Digital inclusion/literacy is even more important for Internet Librarians who shine as tech leaders in their communities, whether it’s through training and enabling discovery, developing studios and makerspaces, providing access to the world’s resources, guiding community partnerships, identifying misinformation, experimenting with AI and XR to find new spaces and processes in the metaverse, or retooling the community for jobs of the future. Creating digital/multimedia content that helps connect people, libraries, communities, and their ideas and stories is at the forefront for leading libraries and this event showcases those that are excelling around the world.

The Internet Librarian Connect 2023 conference focuses on some of these exciting possibilities in a global virtual event format. There are so many positive possible futures for libraries in every community—campuses, municipalities, hospitals, schools, corporate and nonprofit enterprises, governments, and more! The trick is to channel the passion that librarians have into building awareness and relationships in their communities; taking action and not waiting for citizens, students, researchers, business folks or faculty to come to them; creating and experimenting with innovative programs and services using new and evolving technologies; securing solid partnerships to expand programs and resources; and futurizing strong, collaborative, successful, and sustainable communities! The conference program highlights how libraries are using AI and machine learning to save time for new programs, dealing with big data to pinpoint insights, using sensors and other “internet of things” devices to improve and extend services, experimenting with extended realities like augmented and virtual reality to delight their communities, and tracking and sharing applications of smart technology with their campuses, organizations, and neighborhoods. Internet Librarians never, however, lose sight of people in their communities as they futurize and transform to make sure they are relevant and valuable in their communities.

Conference Tracks

Internet Librarian Connect is for library and information professionals interested in technology to discover the insights, strategies, and practices that allow us to push the envelope in expanding the internet, take advantage of evolving technologies, manage libraries and digital information, and enhance the information sharing and learning experience of people in our communities. The comprehensive conference program provides attendees with lots of opportunities to meet and hear from the “movers and shakers” in the global information industry in all types of environments. Learn from leaders who are integrating content and delighting their clients; organizing and managing digital content in creative ways; setting the context for excellence in information utilization in their organizations; revolutionizing the roles of info pros; creating new learning and discovery areas with makerspaces; and building strong collaborative communities among their customers, colleagues, and partners, as well as using new and evolving technologies in exciting ways. Internet Librarian Connect is where ideas and action come together, catalysts are born, and innovation ignites!

Our speakers are knowledgeable, authoritative and focus on practical applications, new tools and techniques, and case studies as well as technical and managerial issues. This year’s tracks encompass such topics as:

  • Discovery & Navigation
  • Makerspace Strategies & Creative Services
  • Smart Tools & Technologies
  • Integrating Evolving Technologies
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • User Experience, Curating Digital Assets, Resetting & Inspiring Innovation
  • Web Presence Development & Management
  • Enterprise Trends, Social Media & Networking
  • Collaborating With New Community Partners
  • Content Management
  • And, more!

Check back in late-June for full program details!