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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Continental Breakfast & Morning Chats
Grace L Simms - 0800_Simms.pdf
Welcome & Opening Keynote: Community Impact Through Learning
Increasing Community Engagement
Super Searcher: Tips for Making an Impact
Mary Ellen Bates - A101_Bates.pdf
Tea Bags in Hot Water—Showcasing Strength in the Kettle of Disinformation & Book Challenges
Amy Affelt - A102_Affelt.pptx
Stephen Abram - A102_Abram.pptx
Impactful Curated Intelligence: Tips & Tools
Public Libraries & Wikipedia: Creative Collaborations
Pratt & Gile - A104_Pratt.pdf
Seizing Our Moment: When Someone Says ‘Just Google It’
Ojala & Affelt - A105_Ojala.pptx
Cultivating Racial Equity & Inclusion: Using XR
Harnessing the Power of Communities, Conversations, & Connections to Bridge the Digital Divide
Digital Equity: Building a Community Hotspot Lending Program
Growing Digital Equity Through Community Partnerships
Audrey Barbakoff - B104_Barbakoff(1).pptx
GrandPads: Creating Digital Connections for Older Adults
Button & Sorth - B105_Button.pptx
Library Technology Industry Update
Marshall Breeding - C101_Breeding.pptx
Clinical Support in the Hospital Library
Virginia Trow - C102_Trow.pptx
Collaborative Community Voice
Jeff Wisniewski - C103_Wisniewski.pptx
The Libraries Consortium (TLC) New Library Services Platform
Kelly Saini Badwal - C104_Saini_Badwal.pptx
Evaluation & Adaptation: How Change Allowed Us to Thrive
Elizabeth Speer - C105_Speer.pptx
Strategic Tools to Bridge to the Future
Jones & Freeman - D101_Jones.pdf
Library of Problems
Influencing the Influencers
Tanis Fink - D103_Fink.pptx
Tech Tools to Transition to a Hybrid Work Environment
Tania Danielson - D104_Danielson.pptx
Digital Leader: Two-Story Interactive Digital Wall Experience
Steve Till-Rogers - D105_Till-Rogers.pptx

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Continental Breakfast & Morning Chats
Keynote: Community Data for Impact
Christine Keung - 0845_Keung.pptx
Coming Together: Library Discovery at Scale
Progressive Web Apps & LibGuides Jedi Master With
Randal Harrison - A202_Harrison.pdf
Alyssa Hanson - A202_Hanson.pdf
Website Redesign & UX
Cribbs & Daugherty - A203_Cribbs.pdf
Aguilar, Rodriguez & Eby - A203_Aguilar.pdf
Rodriguez, Aguilar & Eby - A203_Rodriguez.pdf
Eby, Aguilar & Rodriguez - A203_Eby.pdf
Communicating the Right Value Message
Positioning the Library for Web3
M Ryan Hess - A205_Hess.pdf
Follow the Money Ownership Models and Their Impact on Library Systems and Services
Hulser & Breeding - B201_Hulser.pdf
Marshall Breeding - B201_Breeding.pptx
Modernizing in a Time of Uncertainty
State-of-the-Art Technology: XR Update
Chad Mairn - B203_Mairn.pdf
Virtual Event Opportunities & Tools: Increase Equity, Access & Engagement
Chris Markman - B204_Markman.pptx
Julie Erickson - Virtual Event Slides
COVID-Induced Behavioral Changes: QR Codes & Library Texting—New Again?
Engagement & Ghosting: Remote Customer Service
Meghan Kowalski - C201_Kowalski.pptx
Making Made Mobile: Rethinking Maker Services
Shauna Edson - C202_Edson.pdf
Shauna Edson - C202_Edson(1).pdf
Edson & Ly - C202_Edson(2).pdf
Edson & Ly - C202_Edson(3).pdf
Edson & Ly - C202_Edson(4).pdf
Reader Meet Author: Student & Faculty Content Creation
Mortimore, Johnson, Cannon-Rech & Baker - C203_Mortimore.pptx
Bots for the Community!
Dan Lou - C204_Lou
Podcasts & Online Photography
Sharon Clapp - C205_Clapp.pptx
Aligning Libraries With Community Needs
Transformation for Libraries: The Futures School
Making the Most of Your Library’s Digital Collection
Nick Tanzi - D203_Tanzi.pdf
Moving Forwards Post COVID: A New Blueprint for Public Libraries
John Richardson - D204_Richardson.pptx
Michael Lambert - D204_Lambert.pptx
The SJSU Library Feedback Group: A Case Study
Aguilar, Eby & Rodriguez - D205_Aguilar.pdf
Rodriguez, Aguilar & Eby - D205_Rodriguez.pdf
Eby, Aguilar & Rodriguez - D205_Eby.pdf
Evening Session: Is Your Tech Assistant Making an Impact?

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Continental Breakfast & Morning Chats
Keynote: A Conversation With Artist Louis Markoya
Empathy, Emphasis, & Elearning
Celise Reech-Harper - A301_Reech-Harper.pdf
Academic Community Partnerships for Health Advancement
Community Goals to Improve Society
Keiser & Pagell - A303_Keiser.pdf
Freshman Lost on Campus: Meeting First-Year Needs in One Package
Janet Ward - A304_Ward.pptx
Fostering Entrepreneurship in the Library Makerspace
Nick Tanzi - B301_Tanzi.pdf
Managing & Marketing Creative Makerspace Activities
AI-Based Virtual Reference Chatbot: Using IBM Watson’s Assistant
Makerspaces: Hubs for Interdisciplinary Learning
Sarah Nagle - B304_Nagle.pdf
Is Blockchain the Future of Your Library?
Libraries: 2035 Recovering From the Ruins of the Metaverse
Digital Twins: Combing AI with VR/AR
From Toxic to Healthy: Evaluating & Improving Organizational Culture
Jared Oates - D301_Oates.pptx
Physical & Mental Well-Being of Online
Renee Gorrell - D302_Gorrell.pptx
Protecting Privacy in Troubling Times: Mandate for Action
Marshall Breeding - D303_Breeding.pptx
Closing Keynote: Libraries’ Biggest Challenges & Opportunities for 2022+
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