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Librarians have been at the focal point of their communities for many years, whether on an academic campus; in a city or county; part of a nonprofit or corporate organization; or in a school, museum, or government department. Today's technology-driven librarians extend their reach, partner with traditional and non-traditional colleagues and agencies, build global networks, and enable their members and customers to thrive in a digital world. What tools and solutions can you bring to the table to help them and their patrons on their journey?

Internet Librarian's tabletop exhibit format is situated at the center of everything. You'll have the opportunity to visit with attendees as they travel between sessions, during morning and afternoon breaks, receptions, and more. This intimate setting allows sponsors to have one-on-one time with customers and prospects and get a unique and valuable return on your investment.

Reserve a space at the Internet Librarian 2022 Showcase and be among the companies they'll be taking a closer look at this year.

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Lauri Weiss-Rimler
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