Paul Quelch


Picture of Paul QuelchPaul is occasionally referred to as a serial entrepreneur. Not a tag he’s fond of but he’s not come up with a better description. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing in 1992 and working for approximately 11 months, Paul thought as most of us do at 24 that he knew it all and set up his first company – The Maverick Marketing Company. He ran this successfully until 2003 when he then came up with essentially the first version of “Zola”, the online gift registry. Unfortunately, a little ahead of its time but waiting for technology to catch up this spectacularly imploded in 2005 when he then went on to found the software company now known as Communico. Third time’s a charm as they say and after being introduced to his first library customer in the UK, Leeds Public Library, Paul and his team have been working hard to use technology to solve problems for libraries ever since. Communico won its first US customer in 2012 and in 2016 Paul emigrated to the US and lives in Connecticut with his family and where Communico now has its HQ.

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